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Learning to drive with Dyslexia

Learning to drive can be very frustrating when we find it hard to concentrate and absorb information in a moving car. Here at Dearne Valley Academy we have the experience to help you cope by looking at you as an individual, in the way you learn and absorb information.

Can you relate to any of the points below?

Weak short term and working memory (holding on to and applying information).

Auditory processing: taking on board what is being said quickly.

Difficulty with focusing, easily distracted.

Difficulty identifying left from right.

Visual distraction, visual memory issues.

Slower processing speed in the brain.

Sequencing problems: getting information in the right order.

Putting together individual working methods in your own words, in away you understand can help break through the confusion and frustration

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we all learn in a different way,our experience in the driving industry allows us to treat each pupil as an individual and to build a learning plan to their own needs.
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